To fly hang gliders at Fort Funston you must display a current Funston sticker on your helmet. Stickers expire on December 31 of each year. A sticker application package consists of either a Clubhouse or Non-Clubhouse Member Application and the Club Rules.

To receive a helmet sticker you must:

There are two membership levels at Fort Funston; Cllubhouse, and Non-Clubhouse. All stickered pilots are members of one type or the other:

  1. Non-Clubhouse Members: Non-Clubhouse members are pilots who have agreed to the club rules and submitted the Non-Clubhouse Member application.

  2. Clubhouse Members: Clubhouse members are pilots who have agreed to the club rules and submitted a Clubhouse Member application and Clubhouse Waiver, along with their annual membership dues.

By Mail: It is best to renew your membership in advance and get a sticker by mail so you don't miss any flying. Note: Pilots who have never flown at Fort Funston must have a site intro before getting their sticker and are not eligible for sticker-by-mail.

Please send in the following items:

  1. Either a signed Clubhouse, or Non-Clubhouse Member Application:
  2. Annual dues and/or optional donation (thank you!).
  3. A copy of your USHPA card.
  4. MUST INCLUDE: A self addressed stamped envelope. Please do your part by addressing your own envelope, thanks!

Mail Clubhouse applications to:
Rob Johnson
PO Box 1176
Mountain View, CA 94042

Mail Non-Clubhouse applications to:
John Rinaldi
949 Ridgeview Ct
Unit B
South San Francisco, CA 94080

In Person: To get a sticker in person, you will need to find a club member who has sticker application packages. There's often someone on site if you just ask around, but no guarantees. Some of the sticker holders include Rob Johnson, John Rinaldi, John Simpson, Steve Rodrigues, and other FF board members.