July 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

July 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby tom white » Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:41 am

July 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes


Ken Martin, George Artz, Raffy Lavin, Pat Denevan, Steve Rodrigues, Tom White, David Kiesling, Wayne Michelsen, Karl Almandinger, Van Pelham, Diev Hart, Tim West, Damien Dykman, Dave Royer, Chuck Kranz, Larry Carpenter, Ward Carter, Duane Cromleigh, Polina Vinogradova, Mike Jefferson, Pete Welch, Walter Whiteside, Krista taylor, Andrew Whitehill, Rob Johnson, Tom Rust, Brad Martin.

Ken Martin presided over meeting as acting president in continued absence of Zac Majors.

Ken reported that he is ok with continuing as acting president while Zac is away.

Treasurer reported on finances, requested a second officer to be signer on bank account. Ken Martin agreed to this.

Clubhouse manager reported that a misplaced glider was located.

Tech officer reported on his archiving of tandem non compensation forms. Ropes camera non functional and needs replacement.

GGNRA liaison reminded board that SUP will expire 9/30, will be up for renewal.

Ken brought up air races, proposed a tee shirt logo design. Will need to inform GGNRA of date.

Discussion proceeded regarding ideas to improve sand trail safety:

- H4 only landing in front of sand trail.
- Whistles carried by pilots to announce intention to land, so that monitors can assist clearing sand trail.
- Assigned trail monitors.
- Flags delineating landing zone with “caution” printed on them.
- 30” high pole held up on sand trail from time to time as graphic demonstration of height over pedestrians necessary to avoid 25” rule violation.
- No chips landing on weekends and holidays.
- Letter sent out to all Funston pilots explaining evolution of the problem, to raise awareness.
- Re locating sand trail.

Ken brought up the May 2014 meeting motion to send a letter urging USHPA to re instate memberships of Emily Hutchinson and Ward Carter.
It was determined that Ward Carter was not actually qualified to vote as he was not a Fellow Feathers voting member, therefore the vote was actually a tie of 5 to 5, thus did not pass.
Ken recommended alternatives to pilots interested in communicating their feelings on the matter to the USHPA.

Motion to impeach Tom White put forward by Tom Rust, seconded, role call vote recorded by Walter Whiteside. 8 voted for, 10 voted against. Motion did not pass.

Ken reported that he was attempting to handle current disciplinary suspensions in a cooperative, quiet way with offending pilots.

Ken then read aloud a letter sent to the board by a paraglider pilot complaining of an incident of intimidation and harassment by a Funston H.G. pilot. Ken pointed out that although the two pilots worked it out face to face on the ground, and came to a cordial understanding, the fact remains that an incident did occur of a PG pilot having been intimidated, and that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Ken solicited comments from pilots present who fly both HG and PG, two commented that aggression of this nature constitutes a serious threat.

Meeting adjourned.
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