Free Flight Seminar Series/Film Fest, March 17th

Talk about Hang Gliding at Ft Funston and the Fellow Feathers Club.

Free Flight Seminar Series/Film Fest, March 17th

Postby davidroyer » Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:53 pm

The Free Flight Seminar Series continues. Please join us Wednesday, March 17th, 7:00pm at the Variety Theater, 582 Market St. (at Market & 2nd) downtown San Francisco for the second seminar in the series. The topics being discussed at this seminar include; Vario/GPS instruments, Paraglider Aerobatics, Hang Glider Aerobatics and upcoming Bay Area Paragliding Association events. The film festival begins at 9:00pm and as always, beer & food will be provided. (KEG, need i say more!)

In conjunction with the speakers we plan to have an organized film festival at each event with interested folks submitting a film, 7 minutes or less, which will be evaluated by the audience as well as a panel of judges. All films will be posted on a Norcal Free Flight Film Festival HD Vimeo channel after each event. At year end a final event will be held, the best films will be reviewed and a final winner will be selected.

Please forward this on to all interested videographers, encouraging them to email jose9878 at if interested in participating in the film festival.

Please join us for a fun evening celebrating the norcal free flight communities talent!

ps- there might be some paragliders in the crowd, so bring baseball bats, etc, for protection..
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Details for the March 17th Seminar Series/Film Festival

Postby davidroyer » Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:19 pm

Flight Seminar - 7:00pm

Ben Dunn - GPS / Vario Instruments
Steve Rodriques - Hang Glider Aerobatics
Nova Dasalla - Paraglider Acro
Kevin Hester - Upcoming Bay Area Paragliding Association events

Film Festival - 9:00pm

We have a variety of films submitted from across all our sports; BASE, skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding & snow kiting.

Films submitted by;
Jhonny 'Medusa" Florez
Brendan Nicholson
Arnaud Chaptal
Ryan Voight
Dirk Morris
Charley Kurlinkus
Jimmy Hopper
Jose Pruneda
David Royer
Ryan Brownlow
Donnie Brown
Paul Doppler
Simone Borgi
Sean Capagreco
and others

Please continue to submit your films, the deadline is Sunday March 14th, 12 Midnight. If interested in submitting a film email jose9878 at for directions.

Film Festival prizes sponsored by GoPro, the North Face, Ozone, Bay Area Hang Gliding, Airtime of San Francisco, Pacifica Paragliders, Team ill vision and Team Jank.
Food sponsored by Bay Area Paragliding Association & beer sponsored by Andy De Mars Skydiving.

This is a free event, skydivers, BASE jumpers, paraglider pilots, hang glider pilots and your friends & family are invited to attend.
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Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Postby davidroyer » Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:23 am

The Fellow Feathers were well represented!

Here the link to the Vimeo Channel:

There were a huge number of people involved in making this happen, including the Presenters, Kevin Hester, Steve, Ben, and Nova and the filmmakers, and Sponsors.

the main people I want to underline are: Eric Blum, Photon Films, and Jose Pruneda, co-organizers.

Big shout out to Dirk Morris, Van Pelham, Arnel Sanchez, and Damien Dykman.

Event Winners:

Grand Prize: Bideo Uno, Jhonathan Florez
1st Runner Up: Desire Bites Back, Jimmy Hopper
2nd Runner Up: 2009 Remarkably Unscathed, Charlie Kurlinkus

There will be further events coming up this year, so strap your cameras on and get something ready for all of us to enjoy together at the next one!
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