Proposed Bylaws Amendment

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Proposed Bylaws Amendment

Postby Fellow Feathers EC » Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:16 am

A Bylaws amendment has been proposed pursuant to Fellow Feathers Bylaws Article XII.
Please refer to Article XI below, proposed change noted by “*”.
This Bylaws amendment will require an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present at two consecutive meetings.
The first vote on this proposed amendment will take place at the next Fellow Feathers club meeting, to be held on Tuesday October 13, 2015.
Since it is the Club’s duty to administer the hang gliding program at Fort Funston, the Club may revoke or suspend the flying privileges of members or non-members.
Section 1: For violating Fort Funston or generally accepted rules and conduct, a pilot’s flying privileges may be suspended in the following manner:
A. For up to *14* days by a club officer;
B. For longer than *14 * days, by a majority vote of the Executive Committee present at a hearing at which at least one witness to the violation or offense testifies and at which the accused pilot has the following rights:
1. Notice of violation;
2. Notice of hearing;
3. Name of witnesses to violation;
4. Opportunity to question witnesses;
5. Opportunity to be heard; and
6. Opportunity to produce witnesses.

C. The hearing shall be conducted by the President or Safety Director.
Section 2: A disciplinary action imposed by the Executive Committee may be
modified only by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
Official announcement by no less than a majority vote of the Fellow Feathers Executive Committee
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