LiteSport 5 $2000

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LiteSport 5 $2000

Postby flyzguy » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:54 pm

Thanks for checking out my beloved Moyes LiteSport 5.

Moyes Specs: ... ifications

My Info:
I'm the 2nd owner. Bought it from a rigid wing pilot who had let it sit in his garage unused for years while he flew rigids or his freedom. It was crispy when I got it - Less than 30 hours. I put about 100 hours on it since, always taking extreme care of it - storing indoors, having regular maintenance done by professionals. I'm an aerospace engineer with every hour logged and maintenance performed on it in a spreadsheet (that gives you a sense of my attention to detail). I'm parting ways with it in my "dad" flying years and stepping down to a more rec glider for now. Other things you should know:
- It is completely flutter proof: I had WW speed battens professionally installed, complete with a nice speed batten storage solution in the tip bags
- This glider won the 2015 Santa Cruz Flats Race Sports Class. I was able to glide with topless and other sport class gliders and must say this is an awesome sport class glider, yet much easier to fly than a topless IMO.
- Being a picky owner, I can offer the lucky buyer:
- spare downtube
- XC bag (weighs nothing, packs down to nothing!)
- a huge amount of spare parts like flip tip battens, etc...
- wheel adapters for whoosh wheels

I've invested a lot of money and time into making this glider better than I've found it and hope to find someone who will love and fly it as much as I did!
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