Towing in NorCal (New Jerusalem) ????

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Towing in NorCal (New Jerusalem) ????

Postby diev » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:14 pm

Lets get a list going over on of who wants to come tow...

There are no details yet, but lets say you could come out and either Scooter Tow (ST) or Aero Tow (AT) for a weekend if you had the ratings....
(Or maybe platform trailer towing?)

Who would need an AT clinic to get your rating?

Who has interest in an Aerobatic Clinic?

Pilots would need to commit to say 5 tows if they were not in a clinic....

(If your not familiar with New Jersualem, imagine a long unregulated runway, because that is what it is. I talk to the operations manager and let them know what are plans are and the dates we plan on being out there. We are allowed to car-camp but there are no facilities....There are hotels near by in Tracy.

I would think it would be a weekend in the next few months with a backup weekend the following...but it could be as far off as the middle of Feb...

Spread the word....

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