Minutes 7/13/04

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 7/13/04

Postby Daniel Pifko » Tue Jul 20, 2004 9:22 pm

July 13, 2004

ATTENDING: Attila,Brent,Daniel,Eric H,Gordon,Kimo,Kurt,Larry,Raffy,Steve R,Ted. (anyone else I missed?)



End of July balance: $4017.59. Details to be posted on the web site.
We are in better cash position than last year.
Does having a balance over $5k somehow affect our status? Attila to check with the bank.



1) Bank

Attila and Daniel have signed paperwork to transfer the account. We are only waiting on Henry's signature and Robin’s approval letter before the account is transferred completely.

We now have online banking so the treasurer can write checks more easily.

The bank may have a reduced fee structure coming in the next month or two. We’ll check again with them to see.

2) Mailbox

We have requested a small mailbox (about $34/year) from the post office on West Portal and are now waiting for a response.

3) Glider Purgatory, Impounding Gliders, and the Clubhouse

There are several pieces of wood in the clubhouse that will be used to create a "glider purgatory" above the storage area. Henry and Bob were putting it up. When that's done, we can impound gliders.
As we agreed in the last meeting, people who didn't pay for 2003 will be the first to have their gliders impounded. We're looking at other criteria, but that'll be the first cut.

Kimo has a better idea of which gliders need to be moved. The waiting list is longer than the number of spots that will come open, but at least the list will get shorter.

Kimo is collecting waivers and application forms for the clubhouse for next year.

Someone suggested we should look into changing the club bylaws/rules/procedures so only active glider pilots can store their gliders in the clubhouse. It was suggested that we require a glider fly at least X times per year to remain eligible to stay in the clubhouse. How would we enforce? Maybe look at logbooks? We need someone to pick this up.

Kimo will look into whether Halkeye left any gear in the clubhouse and report to Henry.

4) Online Stickers

Several people were at this month’s meeting who weren’t at the last one, so we went over this again.

The short story is that we’re trying to make it easier for pilots to get stickers at the beginning of the season by putting the application online.

See the bulletin board for a full description: http://www.flyfunston.org/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=59

Gordon brought up a new point: by giving out stickers in person we have a good way to ensure that new pilots are safe. Giving out stickers online removes that check and balance. We need to address this problem if we want to do online stickers.

(daniel: After the meeting, I had the idea that we should only give out stickers online to pilots who received a sticker the previous year. Would this solve the problem?)



1) Halkeye

Made an announcement of Halkeye’s service. Requested that, according to his wife’s wishes, nobody bring flowers and someone video tape the event.

2) BBQ

Motions were made, seconded, and passed to have a BBQ. It will be on Sunday, August 29, from 1 – 3 p.m., and $300 has been allocated to buy food and pop. Raffy will organize, with Eric Brainard’s help (if Eric agrees).

3) Erosion photos

Check out the 1972 and current cliff at http://tinyurl.com/22r9n .

4) Bylaws online?

Are the bylaws online? Daniel to check (yes - http://www.flyfunston.org/bylaws.php )

5) Brent reports the rangers brought several (4) truckloads of chips for us to use.

6) Bulletin Board for Photos in the Clubhouse

Thanks to Chris and Kurt for putting up the pincushion bulletin board in the clubhouse. And to everyone for the photos.
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