Minutes 3/04

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 3/04

Postby Gene Foley » Thu Apr 08, 2004 11:10 am

Fellow Feathers Meeting 3/09/04
Treasure's Report by Attilla
Old Business-
Rescue cache- It is decided to keep aluminum box for rescue cache. Bob will install. Motion to reemburse Larry for concrete. 2nd. It is decided to install lock and hasp.
Stickers- 84 stickers issued in Jan and Feb.
Mentor program discussed. One person interested.
Web site- Daniel bought site domain, WWWflyfunston.org. Daniel will move old site to new.
Further rescue cache discussion.

New Business-
President opens discussion on RC issue and questions validity of recent suspensions by secretary of 2 members over dangerous and threatening model airplane flying at Funston.
Secretary asserts all harrasment, courtesy and safety issues are delt with within the existing club rules and there are no new rules needed. Asserts this is not an "RC" issue outside of club authority and club should hear any complaint over safety, harrassment or courtesy and disipline pilot approprietly.
Open questions- Should we regulate model airplanes?. What about accidents? Should we form a 2nd club? What about non Fellow Feathers RC pilots? Should the rangers be called?
President calls for closed meeting of officers to discuss suspensions.

More New Business-
Kimo brings up what to do with old gliders in club house.
Raffi addresses replacing cones at takeoff and reparing fences.
Daniel motions that $250 be donated to Urs for travel expenses to USHGA meeting. 2nded.
Inquiry about Vic's accident report. Criss will submit.
Idea brought up about vidio tape of landings to critique and instruct new pilots.
Meeting closed -Next meeting 7:30-2nd Tuesday.

Closed Meeting-
Fred Hutchinson suspended 1 week for harrasment and safety violations involving a "dangerous missile". Safety officer will issue suspension.
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