April 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

April 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby tom white » Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:13 am


Tom White, Ken Martin, George Artz, Christopher Carillo, David Kiesling, Darrel Robbins, Wayne Michelson, Karl Almandinger, Urs Kellenberger, Larry Carpenter, Chuck Kranz, C.R. Valley, Rick Hawkins, Diev Hart, Polina V., Duane Cromleigh, Emily Hutchinson, Pat Denevan, Tom Low, Raffy, Tom Rust, Ward Carter, Brad Martin, Marc Stelzer, Rob Johnson, Charlie Nelson, Steve Rodriguez, Van Pelham.

Ken Martin reported that attempts to contact Zac Majors have not been successful. Appears that Zac will be out of town until June. In Zac's absence, Ken will chair meeting. Members were reminded to please act civilly, and refrain from name calling. Non board members limited to 1 minute comments, 3 minute total for the meeting.

Ken reports that there are sufficientt forms in locker box, and that Urs, Chris Valley, and Larry Carpenter will hold packs of additional stickers and forms.

Secretary had nothing report.

Safety Officer reported on mid air collision between tandem pilot with passenger, and a pilot which occurred on March 22.

Treasurer reports bank balance of $11,400, $6984 in deposits, $2684 budget shortfall so far this year.

Clubhouse Manager had nothing to report.

Tech Officer reports ropes building installation will be soon, various improvements to servers, etc. Purchased replacement camera for $100.

Tom Rust requested to bring up old business, vote was taken of members, majority in favor of delaying old business in favor of new business, and voting on bylaw amendment proposals (2).

Ken reported that tandem program rules violations had been found to have occurred, specifically that required non compensation forms have not been filed in the locker box prior to every tandem flight, that there is evidence that commercial tandem activities have occurred at the Fort, no yearly inspections of equipment and verifications of ratings / insurance have been conducted, and that safety incident reports have not been filed within 24 house of incident(s). It was made clear that further tandem rules violations will result in suspensions.

Ken reported that an official tandem administrator had not yet been appointed for this year, but that the executive committee had done so this week. Ken introduced Darrel Robbins as the new appointee.

Darrel addressed the membership, spoke of his desire to work with the N.P.S. to find a way to legalize commercial tandem flights at Fort Funston. He stressed the importance of the Fellow Feathers maintaining control of and limiting commercial tandem operations to assure compatibility with non commercial HG flight.

Darrel expressed his wish to have the approval of the membership for this work.
A majority of members showed support.

Ken brought up that the increase of non pilot pedestrian traffic at the Fort is increasing safety risk, and the need to address this problem. Not only is foot traffic increasing on the sand trail to beach ladder, but also on several newer trails through the ice plant field. Multiple 25' rule violations were witnessed on recent weekend flying day, 8 warnings were issued, 6 by one officer alone.

Ken asked the membership to think about the problem, and to come up with ideas for solutions. Several possible solutions were proposed, including working with NPS to obtain a barrier around the ice plant field, increased monitoring by pilots on the ground, and a traffic light system. Further discussion / action to follow at subsequent meetings.

Voting on Article 12 bylaw amendment proceeded. Tom Low explained the proposed amendment. Discussion followed. Ken read aloud the entire amendment proposal. Role call vote was taken, Ken explained that only 10 hour voting members could vote. 18 members voted for, 6 voted against. 2nd vote to take place at the May meeting.

Voting on the Article 5 bylaw amendment proposal proceeded. David Kiesling explained the proposed amendment. Discussion followed. David read aloud the proposed amendments. Role call vote was taken. 10 hour voting members only. 11 members voted for, 13 against. Ammendment failed.

Tom Rust and Emily Hutchinson expressed a wish to ask the NPS to allow permission for the return of the dugout near launch.

Ken announced the need for a further chips clearing work party.

Tom Rust expressed his belief that too many suspensions occurred last year, and that he would like the club to ask USHPA for leniency for revocations of 2 members

Meeting adjourned.
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